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About company


Basic Information:

  • founded in 1999
  • headquarters in Prague,
    Czech Republic
  • employees: 40+ highly
    motivated professionals
  • Software and Retail division
Sunnysoft offers complex support for dynamic development by providing the most advanced mobile technologies since 1999.

We deliver high quality services and put emphasis on professional yet individual approach and close communication.

Sunnysoft is familiar with all the latest software and hardware mobile technology development. Our competitive knowledge is maintained through our involvement in technology networks, and is continuously amplified through specialized training. Our best practices are improved by working daily with our large portfolio of customers: both large corporations and end-users.

Sunnysoft has been going through expansive progress in the last few years. The headcount has doubled and yearly turnover growth has been over 21%, despite the financial crisis.

Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to provide complete solutions. We are not focused merely on implementation based on requirements. Therefore, we apply rapid prototyping and modern development techniques. We've got years of experience.

Software development division

Sunnysoft implements original and innovative, cost-efficient software solutions and provides advice and support to customers with strong added value by leveraging domain knowledge and an intelligent decision-making approach.

Sunnysoft aims to be the premier provider of language localizations and fieldwork solutions, introducing the most innovative technology.

To achieve this, we continuously anticipate and understand the needs and expectations of our customers, set the highest standards for quality, professionalism and innovation, with uncompromising responsibility and firm commitments to support customers' business targets.

OEM and End users

Sunnysoft is the leading provider of language localization for Windows Mobile. We are working closely with top manufactures such are HTC, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, LG or Toshiba. Sunnysoft InterWrite can be found all over the world: from Portugal, over the Balkan and Baltic states, to Arabic Peninsula, Turkey and Easter Asia...

Mobile solutions

Sunnysoft has been specializing in mobile solutions for fieldwork and data collection since its very beginning. Our comprehensive support for mobile devices ensures that clients get real-time access to the business information they need, whether it's the latest business metrics, invoices, calendar information, a 360° view of their customers, storehouses or more.

With Windows Mobile device or Windows 7 notebook, users can log in from anywhere, anytime, ensuring support for a completely mobile workforce.

Sunnysoft mAgent can be connected to almost every ERP system available.

Who do we work for?

Ferrero, Haribo, Profimed, Procter & Gamble... and many more.

Retail division

Sunnysoft is a specialized retailer for mobile hardware: three retail stores in Czech and well-know eShop: 20 000+ items in stock every day leads into more than 50 000 satisfied customers every year. And numbers are growing.

What do we offer?

Complete range of PDA, smartphones and GPS Sat Nav: HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Apple, TomTom, Garmin and many more.

Generous offer of accessories: first-class Swedish cases from Krusell, Brodit car-holders, memory cards, cables, cradles and many more.

Mobile technologies? Sunnysoft knows the answer.

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