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Sunnysoft mAgent

The Sunnysoft mAgent mobile solution is designed for order collecting, off car sales, and marketing data acquisition using MS Windows Mobile 2003 platform (alternatively also MS Windows CE .NET) based Pocket PCs. The target are dynamically expanding companies, which engage business, data collecting, or sell directly utilizing their own, or outsourced, sales persons in field. The software may be modified also for other data collection where the primary purpose is not direct sale.


Meeting scheduling, meetings, products, pricelists, direct orders/sales, stock, commission stock, claims, actions, customers, complaints, mileage logs, communication with ERP systems.


  • Increase of labor efficiency of sales representatives
  • Up to date information about customers and market competitor
  • Employee activity overview and management
  • Increase in data collection accuracy
  • Save human resources
  • Save operation costs
  • Prestige increase

Sales representatives communicate with the headquarters digitally using GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth, or LAN. Thus they obtain accurate information for their work (rout plan, pricelists, stock overview, updated claims). They send up to date information (orders, stock requests, cash information, etc.) any time during the day to the company headquarters. These data ends, untouched by human hand, in the company information system. At the same time the data is updated in the mini computer of all sales representatives. Thanks to reports, managers have all key information about the activity of particular representatives and the whole team at hand to evaluate the turnover and other business aspects. As a whole the system brings tools which make team conducting more effective, and that has an effect on results. This way the solution brings a necessary competition advantage.

Schéma Sunnysoft mAgent

The application enables:

  • Meeting plans
  • Visits
  • Direct orders/sales
  • Cash advance
  • Goods income
  • Goods sale
  • Stocking
  • Transfers
  • On-line and Off-line operation

Smaller solution also available

Stemming of the successful Sunnysoft mAgent product line. Up to 30 days free: www.magent.cz !

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