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Sunnysoft mStock

The Sunnysoft mStock mobile solution has been designed for use in warehouses and stock taking. The application simplifies and accelerates the daily work of stock clerks. Stock clerks may work with heavy duty terminals or regular PDA device with the support of bar code reading. All operation may are processed with a barcode reader, the clerk only enters the number and description and units.

The Sunnysoft mStock application enables on-line (wirelessly) or off-line (data is transferred after actions are finished) based work in warehouses. Ready documents may be synchronized directly with the warehouse SW on desktop PCs, and it is also possible to print them from the PDA using a cable, IrDA, or Bluetooth connection.

The main characteristics of this solution are: high performance, short investment recovery, and an excellent price-performance ratio. All applications are designed for PDAs on the Windows Pocket PC platform including T-Mobile MDAs. All data may be freely imported or exported from other company information systems (SAP, NORIS, Helios, Money Money, Pohoda, etc.), yet may as well function separately not being connected to the company network.


  • Expedition acceleration
  • Up to date stock information in the ERP system
  • Linking with warehouse activities
  • Choice of various devices with a variety of functions
  • Much higher accuracy in data entry
  • Save human resources
  • Save operation costs

The application enables:

  • Stock in (enables goods entry to warehouse)
  • Stock out (enables goods to leave warehouse)
  • Stocktaking (enables a stocking taking of choice – partial or complete)
  • Transfers
  • On-line and off-line operation

Schéma Sunnysoft mStock

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