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mAgent.cz portal

Sunnysoft mAgent Go&SellThe mAgent.cz portal is designed for smaller companies which prefer the use of well know technologies and at the same time make and economically good choice. The entire technology is provided as a service; while the first 60 days are absolutely for free to assure its quality.p>

The portal has been marketed in cooperation with T-Mobile Czech Republic.

The server is located on the internet. The user may register at mAgent.cz for free. After login the PDA application may be downloaded to users device (with MS Windows Mobile OS). After this the user may set up the internet portal and collect data. Following this the user may start working in terreina and share information with the office, accounting, warehouse or assistant.

The user is not forced to purchase a server, MS SQL server or a mServer license. This reduces common acquisition costs. In addition the user starts paying for the service only after 60 days so savings are practically being realized before actual investments are made by lease of licenses. The lease price of the technology depends on the number of clients in the company. In one company up to 10 people may work in terrain. The price is estimated to a few hundred crowns per capita. The access to the portal part of the solution is for free.


Meeting plans, meetings, products, pricelists, orders, stock, customers, claims, communication with the portal, export supports.


  • digital communication with accounting, warehouse or head office
  • error level reduction in collected data
  • save operational expenses
  • shorten delivery time
  • immediate investment return = no investment

Sales representatives communicate with the head office digitally using a GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth, or LAN connection, thus acquiring exact information for their work (route plans, pricelists, stock status, recent claims). Send updated information any time in the course of the day (orders, stock updates, cash flow updates) to mAgent.cz portal. At the same time information in the PDA of the businessman is updated.

The Application Enables:

  • instant start
  • on-line and off-line operation

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