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Sunnysoft mService

Sunnysoft mService mobile solution is designed for managing activities of service technicians and data collection about activities that are being taken during facility maintenance. The manager can thus obtain information about work completed in a particular day and about the productivity of each technician. The applications may be loaded to heavy duty terminals or regular PDAs. The assignments for each particular day are received by the worker. Information acquired on site are sent to the headquarters. Any necessary documents may be printed.



  • Faster, more efficient work and work management of service technicians.
  • Easier and more effective staff work (no need to transfer data from paper sheets).
  • Managing service technicians without the need for them to be physically present in the company.
  • Information obtained on site is immediately available.
  • Possibility to assign a task to the technician immediately on site.
  • Quick overview of activity which has been carried out.
  • Linking with the technicians labor planning system and whole facility servicing.

Sunnysoft mService application enables the management of technicians on on-line (wireless) basis. The acquired information may be synchronized directly with the main software server, and may be as well printed directly from the Pocket PC using cable, IrDA, or Bluetooth connection.

The main characteristics of this solution are: high performance, short investment recovery, and an excellent price-performance ratio. All applications are designed for PDAs on the Windows Pocket PC platform including T-Mobile MDAs. All data may be freely imported or exported from other company information systems (OSGC). The uniqueness of the solution lies in it being technologically very advanced in communication field, security, and distant administration of all available terminals.

Sunnysoft mService consists of three parts:

  • mService - an application running on the technicians PDA, where all data are available to carry out given work
  • mServer - application running on the server at the company headquarters, administering all clients, replication with the SQL server, and data backup.

Schéma Sunnysoft mService

  • mAdmin - application for the superiors of service technicians, where tasks may be assigned and data may be collected.

The application enables:

  • Mobile task assignment
  • Activity management
  • Information about facilities serviced

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