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Sunnysoft mResearch

Sunnysoft mResearch solution is designed especially for large agencies which specialize in public polling, marketing and market researches. The application is as well for large companies that carry out their own marketing researches or market and behavior probing.

The application makes possible pursue a research in different environments (on the street, trade fairs, conferences, etc.), thanks to the use of Windows platform based Pocket PCs.



  • No paper work (no need to re-enter data from printed questionnaires).
  • You save on human resources.
  • You save on operation costs.
  • Radical increase of labor efficiency and up to 300% performance increase !
  • Faster and more effective polling as well as faster results and evaluation.
  • Possibility to enter data and modify questionnaires remotely from the headquarters to all researchers
  • Increase of prestige

With the application you can undertake:

  • Researches
  • Questionnaires
  • Evaluation support
  • On-line and Off-line operations

The research is done on PDAs based on the Windows Pocket PC platform (including T-Mobile MDA)where all particular data the researcher needs to successfully carry out his assignment(s) (particular questions, target group, etc.), are recorded. At the end of the business day or any time during the day, the data is remotely transferred to the company headquarters. It may be automatically imported/exported to another information system via on-line communication, yet may as well function separately not being connected to the company network.

Schéma Sunnysoft mResearch

Sunnysoft mResearch has three parts:

  • mClient - Application in the PDA of employee who thus has all data at hand.
  • mServer - Application running on the company server guiding all communication with the clients, replication with the central SQL and performs data backup.
  • mAdmin - Application for superiors of the employees in field for work planning, data reception, and data processing.

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