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Sunnysoft mEvent

Elaborate solution for organization and coordination of conferences, summits or meetings with larger number of participants. Organizers will be able to provide relevant data to all conferees (such as program, session and speaker information, poll and questionaries results etc.), update them regularly in real time and so react immediately. Participants are provided with tool enabling them active engagement in the event. E.g. this can be done by sending concrete questions to speakers during sessions etc. At last, mEvent creates well-arranged and structured outputs.

Sunnysoft mEvent Business Case Study - download PDF.


Events demanding on effectivity, exact data distribution and access to actual and relevant information; emphasis on dynamic event development with immediate feedback option, possibility to receive, analyse and interpret marketing and business data. Conference, multi lectures, more than one day meetings with larger amount of participants....etc.


  • cost saving solution to organize and coordinate complete events
  • effective structure leaves considerately less work for organizers
  • logic organization and agenda management
  • immediate information distribution to all conferees
  • enabling actively to take part in event to all (quieries can be sent etc.)
  • interaction and communication among participant enabled
  • polls, online questionaries and researches organized and analyzed
  • possibility to change, edit, complement and update all data flexibly
  • control over rights to manage and access information, can be adjusted
  • all gathered data can be analyzed and evaluated quickly and reports created
  • intuitive use and easy orientation in server and end user part
  • fast installation of programme without demands on technical or other user or organizer knowledge
         (application runs on Pocket PCs with Windows Mobile operating system)
  • user and organizer friendly interface
  • security mechanism prevents unauthorized data use in case of device loss or theft

     Main functions

  • Structured division of administrator part of solution into three basic groups enables to create unlimited number of conferences and put in all data and further specify them
  • Fast access to all information for participants and possibility for them to adjust some (mainly personal) settings
  • Detailed functionality here



  • Microsoft Windows Mobile
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  • Microsoft .NET FrameWork
  • Microsoft ASP
  • Windows Web Services
  • Technology for mobile data transfer via: GPRS, EDGE, UMTS.


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