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Sunnysoft mControl

Sunnysoft mControl is finalist of IT Produkt 2009 competition  Sunnysoft mControl, a finalist of IT Product 2009, is a comprehensive solution for control and management of business PDA devices. It is a new product which provides comprehensive management and supervision of business PDAs and has already received the IT Product 2009 award. It makes possible, for example, customisation of PDAs, most frequently in the form of limitation of applications (games, internet) not connected with PDAs’ use for working purposes.

Companies use it to reduce and make more transparent costs for PDA management, improve their cash flow, etc. mControl also minimises downtime during servicing, replacement and repair of PDAs and provides a markedly higher quality of technical support for field workers. 


Sunnysoft mControl in Motorola MC55 device  The mControl product optionally includes the following services:

  • Customisation, i.e. presetting of PDAs according to the client’s requirements,
  • Verification, i.e. automatic check of setting,
  • Remote PDA management,
  • PDA outsourcing, i.e. leasing of PDAs, their record-keeping, management of the spares warehouse, etc.



Automatic presetting of PDAs into the configuration in which they will be used by workers in the field, according to the specifications of the client’s company. It can concern addition of applications or limitation of the PDA’s functions, such as games, installations of unwanted software, prevention of manipulation with the date and time, preconfiguration of the PDA following the connection to the VPN, e-mail, or setting of the PDA’s security level, etc. The customisation set is created by Sunnysoft programmers in the form of a self-executable installation package that contains all applications and settings. Customisation can be carried out remotely or locally on the basis of the customer’s requirements.


Periodical checking of whether the PDA is in line with the client’s specifications. If the customisation software detects that configuration changes have occurred on the PDA, these settings are automatically restored.

 Remote management:

Sunnysoft technical support staff’s supervision of the client’s PDAs. It is carried out remotely through connecting to the PDA by means of the so-called remote area. The prerequisite for this is the PDA’s connection to the internet, either through GPRS, WiFi, or connection to a desk computer through ActiveSync with internet access. In this manner it is possible to carry out servicing interventions, analyse and solve problems on the PDA.

 PDA outsourcing:

A form of PDA leasing by Sunnysoft to its customers instead of their purchase. Within the mControl service, the thoroughly trained team of technicians manages these PDAs, carries out their servicing, configures their setting, or through the remote area carries out servicing interventions. The service includes record-keeping and management of the PDA warehouse, including backup for the case of loss, theft or damage of PDAs, all this with a guaranteed response time.

 Software and consultancy services:

Consultancy concerning technical provision for the needs of workers on the move; for example, mobile email, VPN, backup and security, and development and modification of custom-made software. An example of development is new or modified functionality of a system for sales representatives, merchandisers and servicing technicians of Sunnysoft mAgent, or displaying defined information (KPI) from the company’s ERP system on PDAs.


 Benefits and attractiveness for potential users of the mControl product


  • reduced and more transparent costs for PDA management
  • improved cash flow by means of hire or leasing instead of purchasing numerous devices
  • reduced labour costs for IT infrastructure employees


  • minimised downtime during PDA replacement and repair
  • more effective technical support for field workers and their improved availability


  • supervision of devices and employees using PDAs
  • control of employees’ use of PDAs



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