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Our products

Sunnysoft mEvent

Elaborate solution for organization and coordination of conferences, summits or meetings with larger number of participants.

Sunnysoft mAgent

The Sunnysoft mAgent mobile solution is designed for order collecting, off car sales, and marketing data acquisition using MS Windows Mobile 2003 platform (alternatively also MS Windows CE .NET) based Pocket PCs. The target are dynamically expanding companies, which engage business, data collecting, or sell directly utilizing their own, or outsourced, sales persons in field. The software may be modified also for other data collection where the primary purpose is not direct sale.

Sunnysoft mStock

The Sunnysoft mStock mobile solution has been designed for use in warehouses and stock taking. The application simplifies and accelerates the daily work of stock clerks. Stock clerks may work with heavy duty terminals or regular PDA device with the support of bar code reading. All operation may are processed with a barcode reader, the clerk only enters the number and description and units.

Sunnysoft mService

Sunnysoft mService mobile solution is designed for managing activities of service technicians and data collection about activities that are being taken during facility maintenance. The manager can thus obtain information about work completed in a particular day and about the productivity of each technician. The applications may be loaded to heavy duty terminals or regular PDAs. The assignments for each particular day are received by the worker. Information acquired on site are sent to the headquarters. Any necessary documents may be printed.

Sunnysoft mCatering

Sunnysoft mCatering mobile solution has been designed for mobile and/or static dining cars. In classical restaurants it is possible to work on-line using a wireless network, in mobile restaurants (trains, airplanes, ships) off-line usage is possible.

Sunnysoft mResearch

The Sunnysoft mResearch solution is designed especially for large agencies, which specialize in public polling, marketing and market researches. The application is also intended for large companies that carry out their own marketing researches or market and behavior probing.

mAgent.cz portal

The mAgent.cz portal is designed for smaller companies which prefer the use of well know technologies and at the same time make and economically good choice. The entire technology is provided as a service; while the first 60 days are absolutely for free to assure its quality.

Sunnysoft mControl

Sunnysoft mControl, a finalist of IT Product 2009, is a comprehensive solution for control and management of business PDA devices. It is a new product which provides comprehensive management and supervision of business PDAs and has already received the IT Product 2009 award. It makes possible, for example, customisation of PDAs, most frequently in the form of limitation of applications (games, internet) not connected with PDAs’ use for working purposes. Companies use it to reduce and make more transparent costs for PDA management, improve their cash flow, etc. mControl also minimises downtime during servicing, replacement and repair of PDAs and provides a markedly higher quality of technical support for field workers.


Sunnysoft získal ocenění Microsoft Industry Awards. Cena byla udělena produktu Sunnysoft mService v kategorii „Nejlepší řešení pro obchod, výrobu a utility“ za realizaci projektu ve společnosti Severočeská plynárenská, a.s. – RWE Group.

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