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Personal data protection

The following paragraphs contain detailed information as to how your personal data will be handled when you shop at obchod.sunnysoft.cz

The business operator of obchod.sunnysoft.cz, company Sunnysoft s.r.o., respects the personal data rights of its customers.

The personal data submitted by you is private and used solely for correct delivery of the goods ordered; according to Personal Data Protection Law these data are not and will not be used in any other way and will be not be provided to third parties.

Within the framework of registration and when purchasing goods, the customer provides only information essential for goods delivery and any eventual communication when processing order.
Among required information that is necessary to provide during registration is the name and surname of the user, full postal address for delivering packages, e-mail address, and a telephone number on which the user can be reached for processing the order.
If you register as a company, it is necessary to provide the billing address (should it differ from the delivery address), a business ID number, tax ID number, and bank details.

After registering as a new user at obchod.sunnysoft.cz your registration data is saved to our database, and your access for repeated visits to the store is done via username and password chosen by the user. Should you forget your password you can request it to be sent to you by e-mail after third unsuccessful login attempt. The password will be sent only to the e-mail address given by the user during registration and cannot be obtained in any other way.

Data on your orders are collected only for our purposes during any eventual returns or warranty claims.

By using and purchasing goods through this store, you agree with the collection and use of your registration data and us keeping order history for the needs of the company Sunnysoft s.r.o. only.

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