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Interwrite (version history)

Changes in version 9.5. to 9.1.

  • fullscreen keyboard added
  • four different fullscreen skins(differently shaped keys, colours...)
  • fullscreen input box included to enable edit chosen text
  • you can highlight already written text and edit it later in fullscreen mode to continue writing more comfortably
  • screenshot function improved -allows you specify the timeout for taking screencapture
  • newly also possibility to register online
  • fullscreen keyboard allows writing using 'gestures'
    - i.e.drag stylus in different directions for producing special national language characters
  • possibility to assign exactly which direction (gesture) will produce certain special character (Settings>Gestures)

Changes in version 9.1. to 9.0.

  • possibility to define numeric keyboard (version Standard and Pro) 
  • possibility of reverse layout of keys on numeric keyboard
  • possibility to define own calculator within the application
  • possibility to turn on/off the screen capture function
  • possibility to define destination folder for saving screen captures

Changes in version 9.0  to version 8.6

  • Support of Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 operational system
  • Fully ‚skinable‘ keyboard (4 grafically different skins are intergral part of the installation) Sunnysoft InterWrite 9
  • New function "Screen Capture" for capturing the screen immediately
  • Newly adapted driver for external hardware keyboards
  • New user interface
  • Extended VGA regime support

Changes in version 8.6 to version 8.5

  • improved keys layout
  • posibility to change to numeric keyboard
  • VGA resolution support  
  • Universal driver for external keyboards implemented
  • NumPadExtra function - automatic keyboard extension in numeric part in display regime ‚landscape‘
  • CoverKey function – hiding software keyboard by using CTRL+SHIFT on external keyboard
  • RunCalc function – quick start up of system calculator by pressing a key

Changes in version 8.5  to version  8.4

  • User dictionary
  • Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition support- improved system of word completion  - FastReset function – supporting new HW keyboards Belkin IR, PalmOne Foldable Keyboard

Changes in version 8.4  to version  8.3

  • World completion:
      • Vocabulary : around 20.000 words
      • Dictionary size: 160 kB
      • User dictionary (learning new words– in preparation– available  July/August 2004).
  • Possibility to suggest words:
      • Suggest 1-13 words
      • Suggest after entering 2-6 letters
      • Possibility to put out integrated help from interface IW
      • Possibility to enter a space behind entered word
      • Possibility of combo list for suggested words (maximalization and minimalization of word list)
  • Support of new keyboards, mainly Palm Wireless Keyboard
  • New registration system

Changes in version 8.3  to version 8.1

  • Colourful keyboard
  • 3D keyboard look
  • Hardware keyboards support revision
  • Posibility to instal directly to chosen location
  • Grafic adjustment of menu
  • Dialogue changes
  • Instalators adjustments
  • Adjusted deinstalator

Changes in version 8.1  to version 8.0

  • Dialogues adjustments
  • Automatic configuration of local settings during instalation

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