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Sunnysoft MapView

Sunnysoft MapView is a compact application for easy GPS navigation using only maps you need. It comes without map content and it is fully up to you utilize maps of your choice. As a part of the application you get a tool to format available maps and create more comprehensive ones for import to MapView application.

Current version 1.1 EN CZ Ilustrative picture
Release date 30.11.2006
CompatibilityWindows Mobile 6, 5 / 2003 / 2003 SE / 2002
Price9.00 USD

  • Works with free maps (internet, scanned, etc.)
  • Enables to create user maps
  • Supports following graphic formats: pcd,.bmp,.pix,.gif,.jpg,.jpe,.jpeg,.jfif,.jif,.ilbm,.lbm,.iff,.sgi,.rgb,.rgba,.bw,.ppm,
  • Moving the map by dragging or using arrows
  • Maximize and minimize maps

    Saves money-grid map formats supports lets you comfortably use free maps available on the internet or use your own map resources!
    Saves memory on your Pocket PC -the application allows you to choose and save parts of large maps. You can flexibly change amount of maps on your device depending on your actual needs.
    MapView was tested for you with the Map of Prague, 1681 GIF with 450 x 350 pixels, total size was 18450 x 14350 pixels, which represents total 265 MB of images - 794 MB in true color. After GIF compression the whole map took up only 20 MB!
    Supplements map database -allows you to use maps that are not standard part of big map or GPS systems.
    Faster orientation -by inserting and marks in maps you always get to where need quickly.


    For details on how to install and use MapView click here.

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