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Reviews Sunnysoft Backup Manager

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This really is a simple concise Backup package - an extremely simple to use ‘no frills’ application with a slight corporate feel. Choose one of the two options on the main menu, select a folder and off you go! It is as simple as that - quick and efficient. Edds, clickapps.com, 03rd of July 2007

Dear SunnySoft, I use Backup Manager 3.761 nearly every day and it has saved me more than once! Thanks for a great product.
Fred L Page, emailed us together with his support quiery on Thursday, May 10, 2007 5:05 PM

PocketPC software to keep
....For the past few weeks I've been trying PocketPC software and the following apps is what I plan on keeping. Sunnysoft Backup Manager. I don't ever want to lose data on my PocketPC while away from my computer...
-by Oleg Dulin, 22nd February 2007 (full article here)

...fab little bit of software ...
So my phone is back from repair!...Thankfully there is a fab little bit of software called backup manager 4 from Czech company Sunnysoft. This backed all of the above to an SD card with minimal fuss (apart from needing active sync to install - thank god for housemates and their windows laptops), and then restored it to the new machine with no problems whatsoever (it even restored my desktop background, menu entries, shortcuts and custom hardware button assignments!!).
-by Johny_Boy27 at his blog on 19th February, 2007 (full review here

This program saved me hours of restoration work the first day I owned it!
My Wi-Fi card mysteriously went missing (the os couldn't find it). I ran Backup Manger creating a retore point on my SD card then held my breath and did a hard restart on the IPAQ. When the PC restarted (with everything I'd ever added now gone) I used File Explorer to access the SD card, tapped the restore (remember the actual Backup Restore program is no longer on the device) and within minutes I was back in operation with everything, all data, all programs fully restored. Buy this program. It could save you hours of grief in the future.
-by John Lawrence at www.pocketgear.com, February 11, 2007 (full review here

  Keepin' to the Bright Side of Life with Sunnysoft Backup Manager 4.0 
  .....With Backup Manager 4, Sunnysoft brings a considerable number of enhancements to their package and includes features not available from other vendors...I have to admit that after testing and using Sprite and Spb's backup applications, I was surprised by Sunnysoft's ease of use and capability. The simple, straightforward interface belies the features and flexibility of the product, especially in Advanced mode. I looked at the user manual only fleetingly and never missed the lack of Help screens. This is certainly a testament to good overall program structure. I would certainly recommend it as a solid, PPC-based solution.
-By Don Tolson on Wednesday, January 31, 2007 (full review here)

 ...won over by the simplicity and performance of the application.
The application is very intuitive to configure and use,....The manual is well written,... I have been very impressed by how solid the application is and will now be protecting my "life" with the Sunnysoft Backup Manager version 4.0.
-reviewed January 26, 2007 by Stephen Skarlatos,MVP and Contributing Editor of Pocketnow.com (full review here)

 In conclusion I can say that Sunnysoft Backup Manager 4.0 is one really neat application for backup your Pocket PC's information. It has tons of new options according to the previous version 3.7 including new graphics, icons and more user friendly interface..... Sunnysoft Backup Manager 4.0 does just about everything you could want from a PDA backup solution and for the price of $20.00 it is a very nice piece of software.
-reviewed January 26, 2007 by www.MobileTopSoft.com (full review here)


 Sunnysoft Backup Manager is the best of its category and platform for the year 2007 as a result of the test experience of the experts in the field of handheld software of the editorial staff of "ITM praktiker" (Austria)."


..Sunnysoft Backup Manager 4.0 is a reliable, technically advanced and easy to use backup application with extremely detailed settings options and further choice..it is again one step further....
 dated:29-11-06,Andreas Godau, Windows Mobile Usergroup.de (for full review in german click here )

No backup solution is ' paranoid' enough. New version 4.0 of Sunnysoft Backup Manager will suit both inexperienced users with its one click backup and restore administration as well as to advanced users to whom it offers extensive options of the whole process configuration. With its backup planning integration you should never lose your data. This backup application should not be missing on any Windows Mobile device.
Date: 16-11-06, Radek Hulan, Well Done (c) (full review in czech here )


Here below you can read some of the reviews for Sunnysoft Backup Manager, version 3.7

  •  I've used this program for years and love it!
    Ben Stanley, Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine
    Jury member that nominated Sunnysoft BackUp Manager
    for Best Software Awards 2006 ranking it into top 20% world software.

  • Excellent Customer Care! 
    A reviewer from Miami Beach, FL, USA, 2006-09-25 10:49:31 at  www.handango.com
    "I have used Backup Manager for over a year now and during that time I have changed PDA's and laptops both several times (crashes & upgrades). Sunnysoft Tech Support is astoundingly fast and helpful when it comes to re-registrations and they switch me over to my new device or fix my problems ASAP. Not only that, their software has saved my life many times as well. Great product, great service!"

  • A 'must have' application 
    A reviewer from England, United Kingdom, 2006-06-24 09:07:55 at www.handango.com
    "This is exactly what i've been looking for. The software is easy to use, being a ppc novice myself. From what i've already backed up and restores it looks as though it has back up EVERYTHING on my pocket pc except for the time and date which is incredible! I would recommend this software to anyone who values their documents on their ppc.

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