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Sunnysoft Calling Card

This application handles the whole process of using prepaid calling cards to make cheaper calls for you. All that without having to type in a single number.Just choose the destination number you want to call directly from your Contacts list.

Current version 1.0 EN Ilustrative picture
Release date 31.01.2007
CompatibilityWindows Mobile 6 / 5 Smartphone Edition
Price18,- USD

  • quick management of calls with ANY type of prepaid calling card
  • create profile for your prepaid calling card ( Define name, PIN number, your provider etc) and define call sequence (describe step by step how the call will be made)
  • enables to enter as many profiles and sequences for as many calling cards as you wish
  • supports any service provider or operator
  • automatically detects your location (where you are currently) to choose type of call you need to make (International or Local etc.)
  • define for which calls you want to use Calling Card function- all outgoing calls or only specific ones
  • notification option before making any call whether to use Calling Card function or not
  • activate calling card function only when you need it
  • function to check for updated version of Sunnysoft Calling Card online

    "I always knew using prepaid calling card would save my money. Unfortunately saving my time was not the case. When I wanted to place a call with prepaid card, I always had to make sure I have the card with all numbers on with me, then go through painful procedure of dialing the operator number, pulling out the prepaid card with my PIN and the rest of the numbers, entering them, listening to the operator instructions, entering more numbers, pressing keys....it used ti be endless and took ages. I hated it and prefered to pay more just to avoid it. Sunnysoft Calling Card changed it! All I have to do now is just have the calling card activated in my phone and then let the application do the job. I call whenever and to whoever I want by dialling the number from Contacts list. One tap is all it takes! And I save great deal of money with no extra effort at all. "

    You can save up to 80% * on long distance calls and from 20%- 150+% * on international calls using prepaid calling cards ! Just let Sunnysoft Calling Card handle the unpleasant job for you! (* depending on your monthly plan and card type. Check with your operator for exact charges )


    "Combined wih our Asterisk PBX's calling card application, we'll be able to save hundreds of $$$ on mobile phone bills."
    A reviewer from Calgary, AB, 2007-02-26 03:40:15 at Handango
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    A help document with information on how to use and register the application correctly available here.

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