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Sunnysoft InterWrite Pro 10.0

COMPLETE localization for your PDA. InterWrite Pro localizes not only standard system parts, but also specific parts of particular device. That means that localization is tailored made for particular device on the market. Choose the right type of device in our Download section and instal the file provided. It will then simply ´translate´ your particular device into the language required. As a part of the application you will get further add on functions, practical keyboard with layout for over 50 languages etc.


Current version9.1 Ilustration
Release datedepends on particular device
CompatibilityWindows Mobile 5- version 9.x
Windows Mobile
2003 SE- version 9 a 8.x
Windows Mobile 2003- version 8.x
Windows Mobile 2002- version 7.x
Price 40.00 USD

  • software keyboard with layout selection option
  • special keyboard functions
  • support for national characters recognition (InterWrite Recognizer) character map
  • possibility to integrate fullscreen keyboard (already included in InterWrite Arabic)
  • support for multiple keyboards and their easy interchangebility
  • support for correct display of national characters
  • conversion filters for PSW, PWI and RTF file types
  • universal driver for external hardware keyboard support
  • keyboard skins
  • additional numpad in landscape
  • support for REAL VGA resolution in landscape mode
  • dictionary for automatic word completion in national language (predefined only for selected languages)
  • user defined word completion dictionary with learning and editing functions

    Description of add-on functions

  • Fullscreen key- key to launch fullscreen keyboard located on the left of the space key (from version 9.5)
  • Esc - an ideal button for closing dialogues
  • 123 - switch to numeric part of the keyboard
  • AltGr - switch to special characters and symbols
  • Fast Reset - combine Ctrl+Alt+Del to softreset your PDA
  • Capture (button next to Space) - press button to create screenshot, the file is saved to customer predefined directory in 3 seconds ( tap Keyboard functions)
  • 'Sticky' Shift - double tap Shift to switch to alphanumeric keyboard with capital letters
  • CoverKey - press Ctrl+Shift on external keyboard to hide software keyboard, press again to revert action
  • Autorepeat - hold down stylus on any key to repeat letter
  • Gestures - use gestures to make typing smoother and easier
  • RunCalc - press calculator button to launch internal calculator and define your own calculator in settings of localization (tap Numeric keyboard)
  • Alt+R - switch the screen to landscape format
  • NumPadExtra - keyboard is automaticaly extended with a numpad in VGA resolution OS recognition and automatic localization of standard system parts to several languages
  • More

    For further information about differences between this version of InterWrite and previous versions, click here.


    List of the most frequently asked question about Sunnysoft InterWrite products is available in our FAQ section. In case you have different question or any comments, please, contact our support on +420 261 215 216 ext. 701, email: support@sunnysoft.com. We look forward to your comments.

    InterWrite PRO can be upgraded to version 9.5. This latest version comes with implemented fullscreen keyboard. Please, look at the product page of Sunnysoft InterWrite Fullscreen for more information and functionality.

    If you are ready for upgrade of your InterWrite PRO to version 9.5, please, read all the information about how to upgrade in the upgrade process model document. You can download the upgrade installation file here and buy it in our online store (10USD) .

    It is easy to get the right version of InterWrite PRO for your device. Go to download section on our website and under InterWrite Pro localization choose your device manufacturer, PDA type and desired language. If the localization is available for your language and particular device, a box will come out with the right file to download. If nothing appears, localization for your device in the language requested is not available from Sunnysoft. Then, you can try the Standard localization instead.

    Differences between Sunnysoft InterWrite Small/Fullscreen/Standard/Pro Pocket PC Managazine Nominee

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